Space Cadet Logo
Space Cadet Logo

Space Cadet Edibles

Space Cadet Edibles (Fictional)
Type of Project:
Branding ● Packaging ● 3D
Team Size:
January 2020 - Present
Saturn inspired THC infused chocolate.

Space Cadet Edibles is a fictional company that I created. This company specializes in making THC infused foods.

For this project I was tasked with inventing a fictional food company. I then had to come up with a product line and design it's packaging. The product line I developped are small THC infused chocolates that are inspired by planets within our solar system. The package I started with was for Saturn.

Cannabis Leaf

Why did I pick this type of company?

Edibles were recently legalized in Canada on October 17th 2019, opening a whole new market of products. Since it's only been a short duration since then, there are not a lot of options available yet. This means there are not very many competitors. The edible market is estimated at $1.6 billion annually. This is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of since the opening of such a large market is not a common occurence.

People Icon

Target Audience

Since Canada has only recently legalized edibles, there aren’t any studies done for what kind of people buy edibles. Due to this, I designed the brand to apeal to the demographic for cannabis. Research shows that more then half of cannabis consumers are between the ages of 21-39 and more then half are male. I wanted the edibles to be a novelty item and not just the regular product. So I wanted the company to have a theme to make it more then just edibles. Taking the demographic into consideration, I decided to make the company space themed to appeal to the male demographic while still keeping the female demographic interested.

Cannabis Facts.
Saturn inspired THC infused chocolate.

Logo Concept

When thinking of ideas for Space Cadet Edibles logo, I was looking at images to inspired me when I came accross a picture of a cannabis leaf. I immediately realized the top portion of the leaf was the same shape as a rocket. I started sketching and coming up with different variations. I knew I wanted it to work in colour and entirely in a single colour, so I sketched them as foreground/background.

Logo Concept Sketches
Space Cadet Edibles Logo Concept Sketches
6 Colours used in brand

Colour Choices

I chose these colours because I wanted to stay in the cold colour tones since edibles make people mellow and calm. I also wanted to pick colours that would appeal to both the female and male demographic.

Aileron and Adelle Sans fonts

Font Choices

For headers and the wordmark, I chose the font Aileron. I chose this because of how angular and futuristic it looks. For the labels and other text, I chose the font Adelle Sans as Aileron would not be legible in paragraphs.

Both choices for the Space Cadet Edibles Logo

Logo Variations

After trying different variations of the logo, I designed a word mark to accompany the logo. In the first stage of logos (1), I found the smoke coming from the rocket to flat. In the second stage of the logo (2), I made the smoke more fluffy and cloud liked. Both version were presented to a group of designers to discuss which would be more effective and the second version was chosen.

Final Logo for Space Cadet Edibles

Final Logo

After picking the second variation, I did a few changes to make the cannabis leaf stand out more. I thickened the outline on the leaf as well as put it infront of the cloud.

Space Cadet Edibles Logo Finals in black and white and in colour.
Packaging Layout and Dielines
Packaging Layout and Dielines